Beefcakes Boet!

Before reading this please note that the content of this post is rated R18 and is not suitable for younger readers (No lol, not really, just kidding.. well kinda).

"Best buns in town and the Burgers aren't bad either". It took me just over a year to psych myself up and finally visit Beefcakes in Illovo.. and Boy oh Boy was it worth it!!

I went with a friend of mine, who is super fun and was also keen on visiting. We definitely had a great evening. Truth be told, even up until we got there, I had no idea what to expect... slightly nervous, a bit excited and part anxious.

So here's the deal and this is what you need to know.

What is Beefckes? Well, Beefcakes is a Burger and milkshakes restaurant, coupled with an amazing bar and drink as well as host to comedy and drag shows. (Now you can see why I had to psych myself up to go). Anyway, I think the words I'm looking for is basically like a Hooters, but for ladies and gay dudes. Gentlemen... DO NOT BE DETERRED TO GO TO BEEFCAKES, it's really SUPER chilled! There were lots of straight gents there with their girlfriends or simply celebrating their birthdays etc.You can also pop in for a drink as the bar is open till 12am. It's a really great place to visit if you're having/hosting a bachelorette party.

The service is really great and the extremely buff guys who work there in their tight tanks are also super friendly and to say the least, some great eye-candy :) .. It was really an awesome fun girl's night out. They also have some merchandise that you can purchase like the tank tops that the waiters wear.

Word of Advice:  Book well in advance as it gets really busy and booked out quick. And you don't want to miss out on the fun shows they have!

The menu is slightly cheeky and has a lot of word play which I thought rather humorous and in ingenious  The food is really really good, and I'm happy to say that the Veg burger is really yummy and the milkshakes are a must have!

**Please note that none of the pictures displayed here are my own. They have been taken from external sources.**


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