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Exercise pays off!

Most people cringe when it comes to exercise. I think you need to find something (and I mean an exercise) that you enjoy personally, be it a hula hoop, yoga or swimming. 

Due to many of our busy lifestyles, and note I say busy, not active.. we end up paying exorbitant gym membership fees and large sums of money for supplements and vitamins. That was until I stumbled across this on the net. BEING PAID TO EXERCISE!!! OMG! (well kind of). 

This subway station in Moscow, to create awareness, fitness and gearing up for the 2014 Olympic Games, will accept 30 lunges or 30 squats in return for a subway ticket?!! Wowza! The machine was installed by Olympic change to get ordinary people involved. All you have to do is stand on the platform and the machine will count down from 30 measuring/detecting your lunges/squats! When you're done, viola! Ticket received! 

If you fail to do all  30 squats or lunges, there is no penalty, you just have to pay for your ticket. (And be publicly embarrassed abo…