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Psy ! - Gangnam Style

SO I first saw it trending on twitter.. and what might it be?? Well if the heading hasn't yet given it away, and you haven't heard of it yet where have you been?? :/ Gangnam style. My first impression was how do I pronounce that, followed by (for some or other reason), what the heck gangster thing might this be. Maybe I've been watching too many Bollywood movies lately because the thought did cross my mind on whether this was some new Bollywood movie title. Anyway after reading more tweets, googling a bit here and there it came to my attention that it was song and dance (surprise surprise).

Having watched the YouTube video I laughed till my tummy hurt and found the dancing, singing and general over all tone rather amusing and intriguing. It astonishing how things spread so fast, Gangnam style taking the world by storm since the Macarena. Worldwide, from Sydney to L.A, Argentina and Peru, flash mobs everywhere have performed the Gangnam style dance. What do we (and I gener…