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Raksha Bhandhan

Today (2 August 2012) Raksha Bhandhan is being celebrated world wide!

Raksha Bhandhan is the love between a brothers and sisters. The process of Raksha Bhandhan involves a sister tying a thread (Rakhi) for her brother on his wrist which symbolises her love and prayers for his well-being as well as the brother's vow to protect her for her life!

According to the Times of India, "President Mukherjee of New Delhi said in his message Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of the unique relationship that exists between brothers and sisters. "The tying of a Rakhi by a sister symbolizes love, affection and mutual trust between sisters and brothers. May the spirit of this festival strengthen fraternal feelings in our society, and remind us of the importance of unity and harmony, as we strive collectively for the well-being of our people," he added."

I'm not sure on the exact process, but here in South Africa, Johannesburg in particular, the process of tying a Rakhi is accom…