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Pretty Faces, and luxary facials (**,)

Hello my pretties :)

***face splash!
I hope you've missed me as much as I have missed you! Soooo post exams a lot has happened and I'm sooo excited for all the up coming posts so keep your eyes peeled!! As tradition goes I always spoil myself with a relaxing home or spa treatment and with my sister's graduation (which took placeyesterday) she and I decided to book ourselves facials at The Body Shop after we shopped around for a bit.

Don't be shy or unmotivated to wash your face in winter just because of the cold. A lot of people take less care of their skin in winter due to the cold.

Our facials were done by Precious who was very helpful and friendly. She was also very knowledgeable on what products to use on our face as my sister has a combination skin and I have a sensitive skin.

Precious doing my sister's facial using the sea weed mask :)

She used The Body Shops Vitamin C boost. It smelt delightful and as her colleagues said "left our skin dancing" :)

As …