Monday, 30 December 2013

The Tea Merchant launches in Melrose arch

Sugar and spice and all things nice! The launch of The Tea Merchant in Melrose arch and it's official opening took place on the 5th December. 

Being a tea lover, I absolutely had to make a visit there. I have never really been a coffee person but I think growing up in an Indian household, tea was always on the menu for breakfast and after supper so I grew up having masala tea (chai tea) and we later switched to Rooibos. 

The moment we entered The Tea merchant, our noses were greeted by a variety of pleasant aromatic scents. I automatically felt relaxed and calm as I took my first sip of one of the many tea's on sample. There are a variety of fruitty, black, rooibos and green tea's available. Each with it's very own unique flavour, scent and taste. 

The shop is cute, invitingly warm and cosy and the owners are suuper friendly and helpful. You can purchase the various tea's in the form of tea cones, loose tea (by weight) or in tins or tea bags. There are also various little tea pots on sale and The Tea Merchants are very knowledgeable on which tea pot to pair with a specific tea. 

There is also lots of cute little trinckets and tea accessories to choose from, like this little scoober man tea infuser. What I also found to be really unique and quite delish were the tea biscuits. - (A must try if you're there). 

 The above picture from left to right: A limited edition of handcrafted tea pots and cups. Only 400 made each year. Second, the display wall of tea's. Third, chocolate made from various teas :) 

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