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You, Me Sushi :)

I have never been a fan of Sushi.. Maybe it's because I'm vegetarian, although I have given it a bash a few times.. All sadly disappointing my taste buds. However, the same day we ventured to Bubble Tea, we also had home-made sushi :) .. and boy oh boy was it YUM-O!!!

I think the thing is that veg sushi always put me off because of the sea weed paper. After my very talented brother, sister in-law and sister crafted some nifty California rolls and Spinach and cream cheese Dim Sum, I grew rather fond of Sushi.

My sister has been ranting and raving about the sushi at YuMe in Parkhurst, so I visited YuMe to see what all the fuss was about. I must admit, for me, who never really took a liking to sushi, YuMe did well. The California rolls were delish! And the spinach dumplings were great (a bit on the chewy side but still divine).

The plates moving along the sushi-go round (sushi conveyor belt) are colour coded according to price and up on the wall so you know how much each plate costs…