The Pudding Shop

Nestled away on 7th avenue in Parktown North / Parkhurst is The Pudding Shop. But don't be fooled by the name, as it is NOT a dessert / patisserie store.

The Pudding Shop is on the same property as the La Cucina Di Ciro restaurant. The vibe at the Pudding Shop is very oriental to say the least. It's quite a hippie zen like joint. Picture tranquil / indian music playing in the background with "please switch your phone to silent" signs in the restaurant. It's also very eco-friendly with natural lighting and lots of plants and green creepers on the walls.

The ambiance is perfect for a chilled Sunday afternoon brunch/lunch. The menu is also quite small with mostly vegan/vegetarian dishes and 2-3 dessert items.

I opted for the Indian tasting plate which consisted of samoosas served with a sweet ans sour coconut and chili sauce, chili bites served with a lime, coriander and red onion compote and bhaji squares od cous cous, sweetcorn, spinach and chili. The avo and red bean burger with spicy lentil tomato sauce is also a must-try and the fish cakes were also highly recommended by the boyf (Sorry - chomped it all before I remembered to take a pic.

We decided to also give the desserts a try. I had the poached plums and pineapples served with ice cream. My friends had the Rice pudding topped with caramalised pistachios and macaroons. Our taste buds definitely had a party with the yuminess of these desserts. You should try them all!! Delicious and worth every calorie if you ask me.

We had great service and I felt really relaxed after. It's definitely something different in Johannesburg in relation to the various hoists of restaurants showcased in the city of gold.


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