Master Chef Disaster

To be totally honest I have never watched SA Master Chef or ever really been a fan or taken a liking to the show. But I do absolutely LOVE Indian cuisine so when I was at Monte Casino passing by Aarya - Master chef SA Deena's restaurant I thought I would pop by and try it out. I remember a while back when he won Master chef all the hype about it and now that there has been another Master chef SA I found it quite fitting to be at the restaurant after all the hype and media around it had died down. 

It's quite a small little restaurant situated in the piazza section of Monte so we had to wait a little while before being seated as it was full. We browsed through the rather teeny tiny menu which I was quite surprised (It was literally an A4 sized menu). Despite the range of choice being small from the menu we decided to still try a few dishes off the menu. (Being vegetarian limited the already small menu for me to select form).

In any case, we opted for the paneer which was rather disappointing when the waiter told us it was finished :( .. This was such a terrible experience especially after we requested to speak to Master chef Deena himself and he said that 6 people for that day ordered paneer ( Really?! Only 6.. how many guests does this restaurant cater for???). I kept thinking to myself what kind of restaurant is this.. and how had it been surviving for so long?? 

After being bitterly disappointed things could only get worse lol! R22 for a 330ml coke (This was day light robbery I tell you!)  

I really wouldn't believe all the hype the media created about it ... And it's also one of the reasons I never like to ask/tell restaurants that I would like to review their restaurant as the experience is not always the same. (It's best to be under cover). At best the decor is quite pretty. I would not recommend this restaurant to any one.. There are a lot of things I could say about this restaurant.. but I'll keep it simple. Its quite terrible. 

I'd really like to know if you have been there and what your experience was like. Please feel free to comment below. 


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